Web access to messaging. Configure for public access, or restrict to your corporate Intranet.
    The user interface is your browser . No client software to install, and configure, on numerous systems.
    Support for a myriad number of notification technologies . SMS text messaging, pagers, voice telephone calls, email, audio broadcasts, IM and custom techniques.
    Integrated security allows administrators to create access lists for each user.
    Global distribution lists provide all users with access to the most common notification groups.
    Personal distribution lists allow each user to create their own notification groups.
    Messages can be sent immediately, or based on a message schedule that allows for delayed, or recurring message transmission.
    The integral spell checker allows users to verify the accuracy of messages before they are sent.
    Contact users with a specific notification technology, or allow them to choose how they will be contacted by sending messages to their notification calendar .
    Customize the look and behavior of the messaging interface, so that it meets the exact requirements of your organization.
    In addition to messaging, provides a secure interface for initiating action routines . Start a backup operation, purge a database table—there is no limit to what can be accomplished.
    Receive real-time status of every message transmission.
    Start small, then scale the system to meet your needs. A Site license provides for unlimited user access.
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