Fast and effective emergency notification . Utilizes high-throughput SMTP email and SMS text messaging for mass notification of important events.
    Opt In, subscription notification puts users in charge. People subscribe to the Subjects that interest them, and receive all notifications published to those Subjects.
    Supported notification technologies include SMTP Email, Internet-based SMS and out of band SMS —out of band SMS communicates directly with the cellular network, and does not rely on Internet connectivity.
    Users assigned the role of a Publisher , define the Subject hierarchy.
    Users Subscribe to the Subjects of choice.
    Publishers choose the Subject, and the message text to be sent to all subscribed users.
    Publishers determine the method used to deliver the notification, and the Importance of the message.
    Self-registration eliminates the need for centralized management. Users are responsible for entering their personal contact information.
    Users initiate test messages to themselves. This allows them to confirm their contact information, and their ability to receive notification.
    Mandatory Publications send messages to every user in the system—users are not required to subscribe to a Subject to receive a Mandatory Publication. They are used to disseminate very important information.
    When multiple Publications are queued at the same time, the highest Importance level messages are sent first.
    Output notification channels can be added to increase system performance. This scalability allows you start small, then continue to add resources for optimal system performance.
    Personalize the user interface to address the needs of your organization.
    System administrators can initiation Publications remotely, using the Application Programming Interface (API) . Subscription notification can easily be added to any system, application or business process.
    Extensive audit trails provide time stamped logging of all internal system activity.
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