Personal notification calendars allow users to determine how they wish to be notified based on the time ranges within specific dates. Perhaps you would like to receive a text in the evening, a phone call at your desk during the workday and an email on the weekends—you are in control.
    Acknowledgement tracking verifies every notification placed is responded to. Users respond using email, text messages, a voice telephone call or the web.
    When the desired form of notification is consistent from week to week, notification schedules provide a quick and simple way for users to select how they will be notified.
    Escalation chains of notification provide assurance critical events will be responded to. Simply drag and drop icons representing people to notify, wait intervals and repeat counts.
    As the ways to contact people evolve, we add the necessary communication protocols. Notification technologies include pagers, text messaging, voice telephone calls, email, IM and calls to custom applications.
    Support for out of band notification technologies allows critical communications to be delivered, even when access to the Internet is down. Direct communication with the cellular network, and voice telephone calls using POTS lines provide excellent backup for Internet-based alerting protocols.
    Notification groups allow personnel in the same department, or related function, to be contacted simultaneously.
    High availability configurations provide the fault tolerance necessary to make certain every critical message is delivered. Redundant servers eliminate single points of failure in the notification process.
    LDAP protocol support provides single sign-on access to the web-based user, and administrative interface.
    The web accessible user interface eliminates the need for client software installations. User and administrative tasks are performed from the comfort of your favorite browser.
    Time zone support allows users in disperse geographic locations to work with their local clock, and not that of the hosting server.
    When running a multi-server, high availability configuration, the availability of all servers is constantly monitored . If the primary fails over to the backup, you will know within seconds.
    Alert activity from all major Operating Systems is supported. Client software has been ported to Windows, all UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, OS400 and MVS.
    Heartbeat monitoring provides assurance that all critical business processes—and the monitoring applications themselves—are operational, 24 x 7 x 365.
    Comprehensive audit trails are available to allow administrators to analyze the operation of the server, and all interaction with notification service providers.
    Event filtering makes certain people are not contacted an excessive number of times for the same problem.
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