Employs Run Anywhere technology to support user access on any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Automatically recognizes touch user interfaces.
    A View is a window into a specific business function that is critical to your organization. Each View is a separate collection point for common reporting data.
    The input for reporting data is a Web Service API . This provides access to any Operating System, using any programming language, from any location.
    Scan View: The primary choice for users with touch-enabled devices. Pick a starting and ending time, and the appropriate View, then use touch navigation to receive a quick synopsis of enterprise activity; as easy as scanning through a photo album.
    Scan View: Receive status at a glance by associating messages with meaningful graphics.
    Scan View: Customize the graphics to meet the needs of your organization. Sometimes a descriptive picture is worth many words.
    List View: Adjust the display based on the viewing area of your current device. Sort by the desired column , and use the Focused Row feature to view the complete message text.
    Export the raw reporting data to the format of your choice, including XLS, XLSX, PDF and RTF.
    Reports: Sometimes the best way to analyze data is in a graphical format, and people have their own ideas on which format is best. Eight (8) Chart types are available to address the needs of your organization.
    Reports: Users choose from a wide selection of colors to tailor the Chart Appearance and Palette to suit their taste.
    Reports : Once the Chart is generated, it is easy to Export to the desired format, Display on the screen or Print for later review.
    Sample Report: 3D Bar Chart depicting IT events that resulted in the firing of notification escalation chains.
    Sample Report: 3D Pie Chart representing System/Device messages, grouped by the Severity of the message.
    Sample Report: 3D Funnel Chart representing System/Device messages, grouped by the Severity of the message.
    Sample Report: 2D Donut Chart representing people notified of alert conditions over a 2-day period.
    The web accessible Administration application provides a simple and effective means to tailor the reporting interface, and perform periodic database maintenance.
    The level of login security is the choice of your organization. Choose from Anonymous, Basic or Windows authentication.
    The Web Service API supports secure, encrypted network communication using Secure Socket Layers .
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